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Creating big, bold and energetic paintings for your home or workspace.


Specialising in figurative paintings, portraits and abstracts. I work together with my clients on their painting brief. We discuss subject, theme, colour, texture, materials and size as well as composition, energy and feeling of the piece. 


Think of a moment you felt fully free in your mind and energised in your body. Where were you? How did your body feel? Some of our models have said, swimming in the sea, jamming with a band and dancing at a festival. I want to capture these "freedom" moments, throwing that energy onto the page through paint, creating a figurative painting for you, of you. 

 Treat yourself!

These figurative and nude paintings are perfect as a gift to yourself or partner. 

Or why not treat a loved one to a gift voucher for their own commission.


Get in touch with me, Lou at 


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